Spinal Musings

2018 Wings For Life World Run – Three months to go!

Most of you would know that I have to deal with many people every year who have suffered spinal trauma, and some who have suffered a cord injury. Many of those have become the most inspirational people I have ever met. But did you know you can help them directly? The Wings For Life World Run is an annual fun run to raise money for spinal cord injury research via the Research Foundation. As a participant it’s an extraordinary event where the finish line is whenever, or should I say wherever, the catcher cars catch you. It is run simultaneously all across the globe so the start time in Melbourne is 9pm, usually on what feels like the chilliest night of the year. You soon heat up though as the kilometres start to tick over!

The other wonderful thing about the race is that all the costs are covered by company donations, with Red Bull being the major supporter. That means that 100% of your donation or entry fee goes directly to spinal cord research. How good is that?

So, who’s going to come running with me? Or help with fundraising? Or donate?