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John Cunningham is an Australian-trained orthopaedic surgeon who has committed his professional life to the treatment of patients with spinal disorders. His opinion and knowledge of spinal disorders, especially those of the ageing spine, spinal trauma and spinal imbalance, are respected world wide, and he has an active clinical research programme. He is fully abreast of all current techniques and science relating to the treatment of spinal conditions and has a special interest in spondylolisthesis.

In recognition of his dedication and commitment to those around him, John has been awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for services to medicine and the promotion of immunisation.

When a patient is suffering from a spinal condition causing disabilities that are significantly impacting on their life, and no longer responding to other treatments, that is usually the time to consider surgery. John does not believe in a “one-size fits all” approach to treating his patients, nor does he promote the newest or latest fad techniques when others are more effective. Although he has many “tools and tricks” in his repertoire, John prefers to match the patient, their problem, their wishes and their outcomes goals to the type of surgery offered.

Whatever your spinal condition, from the neck to the lower back, John can provide open and honest advice about:

  • The likely cause of your condition;
  • Treatment options, from non-surgical and minimally invasive techniques to more traditional ‘open’ surgery when appropriate;
  • Exploring a range of health care avenues

John is accredited by TAC and WorkCover as an Independent Medical Examiner.



What happens in a typical appointment and how to prepare

Spinal conditions

Cervical (neck)
Thoracic (upper back)
Lumbar (lower back)

Further Reading

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