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My Health Record

Have you got up to speed yet on My Health Record?

As long as you didn’t choose to opt-out of the new e-health record system, by now you will have, as a minimum, the shell of your very own e-health record. Protected by the strictest privacy legislation and electronic security measures, it is a way of virtually carrying your health records with you, without the bulk.

At this practice, our software is now configured to access your health records and to upload information to it. We feel it’s a useful service we can offer, but only if you want us to. We will only upload documents if you specifically ask us to, and will only access your record if you give us consent (except in cases of emergency). Please be aware though that by default, all blood test and radiology results are uploaded to your health record if you have one, unless you tick the box that states you don’t want them to. That’s not just for orders from this practice, but from any Australian health practitioner.

On the MyGov website, you can also access your own records, edit them if you want, change your privacy settings and see a list of all the times your record has been accessed.

Read about the system more here, and when you visit our practice, let us know your thoughts.