Spinal Musings

Name the Virus!

There once was a Dave who thought it would be desirous,

That instead of decorating his lab with a bearded iris,

He’d run a competition

to help fund completion

of his study, so he made “Name the Virus“.

As you probably realise now, I’m not very good at limericks, but to be fair, “virus” isn’t the easiest word to rhyme.  “Name the Virus” is a funding opportunity you have to help the Florey Institute raise funds to complete some of their projects.  For the first time, YOU can donate money and be rewarded by the scientists of the Institute.    Apparently cookies are offered, and if you donate enough, you can also decide the name of one of their virus vectors!  For only $2,500…

You get to “Name the Virus”!

As each viral vector is created it will be named. The Name must be 10 letters or less and be socially acceptable. E.g. If the name “noodles” was chosen the viral vector would be called “pNoodles” and this name will appear in any publications or presentations in which it is used. Each rewardee will be sent a copy of the “map” of the viral vector they named.

Of course, there’s rewards for smaller amounts to, all the way down to $20.

Surely some of you reading this could spare a few bob to help Dave take over the world… oops!  I mean Name the Virus.